Donor Care


Our families face financial struggles, job loss, broken relationships, infidelity, health problems and disabilities, and so much more. And our schools have become unsafe. No neighborhood is safe from theft, murder, kidnaping, and infidelity. Our neighbors are distant, distrustful, unkind.

KSBJ brings hope and brings us together. KSBJ is a fresh, compelling, safe and much-needed alternative to mainstream musical entertainment. We recognize that music is a potent tool, almost unequalled in its ability to shape hearts and minds for good. It’s a tool we’re using to grow God’s kingdom.

KSBJ plays the music, but God provides the right song just when you need it, to be encouraged, uplifted and inspired. The message in the music is relevant, scriptural, heart-to-heart, relational and always timely.

KSBJ provides the event, but God provides the connection. The event is a safe outlet shared by a community of listeners, connecting people to God at its center.

KSBJ brings your community together by broadcasting from your neighborhood event connecting you to God in a family-safe fun with a moral message.

KSBJ partners with ministries to help you be the hands and feet of Christ and help bring hope to your neighbors.

KSBJ brings prayer to you and lets you know you are not alone. We add our prayer to yours and remind you that God listens.

“You have no idea what a saving grace your radio station is to me and so many people. Thank you for being there for us in our time of need and being the uplifting force that we need!”

– Sandy