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Ask people to describe Mandisa and you’ll hear words like talented, gracious, beautiful, strong, loving and joyful, but the title of her 2013 album offers an especially apt description of the artist—-Overcomer. However, Mandisa sees it as more than her song, but an anthem for all believers and she’s happy to launch the battle cry.

“I’m in a new place and I want to proclaim some things to my listeners and one of them is that they are overcomers,” says Mandisa. ”Whether or not you feel it, it’s a fact. It’s what God says in His word. In John 16:33 Jesus said that He overcame the world. By His Holy Spirit, Jesus lives inside of all who have asked Him to be their Lord and Savior. Because His spirit lives inside of you, 1 John 5:4-5 says that you are born of God and overcome the world by faith. That is what makes you an overcomer.”

Since finishing in the top ten of American Idol’s fifth season, Mandisa has forged a successful recording career. A graduate of Nashville’s Fisk University, she performed as part of the legendary Fisk Jubilee Singers, but gained national acclaim when she placed ninth on the fifth season of American Idol. She signed a deal with Sparrow Records and released her debut, True Beauty in 2007, which earned her the first of three GRAMMY® nominations. She followed with a stellar sophomore effort, 2009’s Freedom. This year The Hollywood Reporter listed Mandisa in the Top 5 of Idol finalists with the most Billboard No. 1s. In 2011, Mandisa released What If We Were Real, an engaging collection of tunes that included the effervescent “Good Morning,” which she performed with tobyMac on Good Morning America. This third studio album saw a breakthrough in Mandisa’s career, leading her to unprecedented record sales, radio spins and tour audiences. What If We Were Real also produced the hit single “Stronger,” which topped the charts for five weeks and was the song Mandisa sang on Good Morning America the day Robin Roberts returned to the show after being on medical leave.

With a strong, supple voice that is equally commanding on an up tempo anthem or a tender ballad, Mandisa has earned a devoted legion of fans who appreciate not only her vocal gift but the heart that fuels her ministry.

Talented and transparent, loving and bold, Mandisa is the kind of person everyone wants in their life and her music has taken root in the hearts of people around the world. She’s grateful for the platform God has given her and aware of the responsibility it brings. “What I have learned after so many albums is to just keep seeking the Lord and keep letting Him mold me into who He wants me to be,” Mandisa says. “I’m going to keep seeking Him because if my music is just entertaining and not inspiring, giving hope, convicting and speaking life, then that’s just not good enough for me. I need it to do all of those things and the only way that can happen is by the Holy Spirit. That’s why my relationship with Him is more than important than anything. Any time my public exuberance for the Lord outweighs my private devotion to the Lord, I’ll know that I’ve gone in the wrong direction. The biggest lesson I’ve learned is to always tend to my relationship with Jesus.”

It’s that attitude that has made Mandisa an overcomer and she revels in the opportunity to remind others that they are overcomers too.

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