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If you believe that through prayer God can and will do amazing things, the KSBJ Prayer Team is an incredible way for you to lift up the needs of our community to God in prayer. The KSBJ Prayer Team has grown to include thousands of people who pray in unity and here’s how you can join us!

Join the KSBJ Prayer Team today by clicking to register as a KSBJ Volunteer and selecting the KSBJ Prayer Team option.

Pray with Us - Globally

We invite you to pray with us no matter where you are! Imagine tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands, of Christians being unified in prayer on a regular basis. As a member of KSBJ Prayer Team, our Prayer Department will email a list with prayer points for 7 specific areas: the church, the family, government, media, businesses, education, and the medical field; and prayer points for how you can pray for the ministry of KSBJ. During a time of local or national emergency, we also invite the KSBJ Prayer Team to join us in asking for God’s divine intervention. We encourage you to keep these prayer lists in your Bible, on your refrigerator, computer or mobile device for easy access!

1 Church 1 Day

Today in Humble, Atascocita, and Kingwood a continuous prayer meeting has begun with the partnership of KSBJ, The Great Commission Coalition, and 31 local churches - it’s called 1 Church 1 Day, where each church commits to pray on a specific day of the month. The 3rd Thursday of every month, KSBJ participates in this incredible prayer meeting and we’re asking you to join us!

Pray and Serve with Us - Locally

In addition to regularly praying with us about specific areas, if you’re here locally, we invite you to come out and serve with us!

KSBJ Prayer Station On Location: in the Community

Join us in praying on location at KSBJ concerts and events, and accompanying KSBJ On The Street when we’re out in the community.

KSBJ Prayer Station On Location: at Harris County Jails

As a KSBJ Prayer Team member, you can receive special training to help us make a huge impact in the Harris County Jail system. Our partnership with Harris County Jails has resulted in thousands of changed lives! You’ll have the opportunity to pray with the families of inmates and show the love of Christ.

KSBJ Prayer and Care Line

Thanks to your generous support, KSBJ has been blessed to launch a prayer initiative called the KSBJ Prayer & Care Line. By calling 281-652-5555, 24 hours a day, listeners will be connected with one of our prayer volunteers who will agree with them in prayer over their prayer request. If in the course of the call it is determined that the caller would benefit from Christian Counseling, they will also receive a referral to Innovative Alternatives for a free 50 Minute telephone counseling session. We’d love for you to partner alongside with us by answering calls and praying with listeners.

If you have any questions or for more information about the KSBJ Prayer Department, please contact:

Rickie Bradshaw, Director of Prayer Initiatives

Pernell Hill, Manager of Prayer Initiatives


Join the KSBJ Prayer Team today by registering as a KSBJ Volunteer, then selecting the KSBJ Prayer Team option.

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